Smart Spots – Ad management made easy

If you want to have a better control over the ads on your website or sell ad spots directly to the buyer, Smart Spots is a solution you should take a closer look at. It’s a simple ad rotation script from the guys of Smart Scripts, who also created Smart Thumbs, Smart Tube & Text and Smart Tube Pro. While other free or even paid ad server solutions work fine until there’s a lot of traffic on the website(s) the ads are placed on, Smart Spots uses memcache to cache ads and keep the server fast. In addition, impressions and clicks stats are saved in flat files or real time cache to keep the server load low. These features make it a perfect ad server for high traffic tubes, TGPs or babeblogs.

Smart Spots ad management

Lets have a look at the main features of this nifty online script:

  • There is a e-mail notification system informing you about automated campaigns and banners changes
  • Easy management of advertising positions with the help of groups
  • You can choose between selling advertisement time or clicks
  • You can display ads based on countries, browser languages or a keyword defined in advertisement code
  • You can let the script display a random campaign banner
  • Memcache is supported (advertisements can be cached)
  • You can easily integrate the ad code via PHP or Javascript
  • There is a message system, so you can communicate with your Advertisers
  • You can create an unlimited amount of campaigns
  • Advertisers can order campaigns and pay via Paxum or Paypal
  • You can display your ads on an unlimited amount of websites, while having only one base installation
  • You can view clicks and impressions for your advertisement

I didn’t try out each and every function of this script but everything I used so far worked like a charm. There’s a detailed manual explaining step by step how to use the script but instructions are not really needed because this ad server is really easy to understand and not overloaded with features most people don’t need anyway.

It’s basically adding an advert place, creating a campaign, adding banners and finally copying the advert code and inserting it into your desired ad spot on your website. You can also assign groups to your ads, which makes ad management easier if you place ads on more than one domain.

15 Ways To Get Free Adult Traffic

When you are first starting out as an adult webmaster, you most likely won’t have the funds for buying paid traffic. However, also experienced adult webmasters rely on free traffic sources, for example, to save costs, get massive amounts of traffic and/or to diversify traffic sources.

The drawback of free traffic is that it usually converts worse than paid traffic, meaning you need bigger amounts of traffic to see conversions. This is not always true though, as free traffic can also be of high quality if it is correctly targeted and if you have no idea what you are doing, buying traffic can lead to big losses.

This leads to the conclusion that everyone should be concerned about free traffic.

15 ways to get free adult traffic

Here are 15 ways to get free adult traffic:

Make money through tube uploading and CPA offers

I will show you how you can earn money with webcam CPA offers from CrakRevenue by tube uploading. As you probably know I love automation, so it shouldn’t surprise you that this guide teaches how you can upload videos to dozens of sites automatically.

Is running a porn site legal? What are the legal requirements?

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TumblingJazz Tumblr Bot – Automate Your Tumblr Marketing

TumblingJazz has every feature a Tumblr marketer can dream of while being cheaper than the competition. The only issue with the bot is that it looks ugly, but that’s really the last thing I’m worried about.

tumblingjazz tumblr bot

TumblingJazz features

  • Automatically Follow, Like, Reblog, Post
  • Account creation + verification
  • Manage an unlimited number of accounts
  • Change the options within accounts
  • Proxy support
  • Watermark images
  • Image scraper
  • Post from RSS feeds
  • Let your accounts push each other through mass liking, following and reblogging
  • Automatically upload images from a specific folder
  • Spintax support
  • Schedule all actions
  • Use Captcha-solving services
  • Frequent updates

Those were only the main features. There are also others I will write about later.

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