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Make money through tube uploading and CPA offers

I will show you how you can earn money with webcam CPA offers from CrakRevenue by tube uploading. As you probably know I love automation, so it shouldn’t surprise you that this guide teaches how you can upload videos to dozens of sites automatically.

This guide requires an investment. If you don’t have any money, please read my other guides first.

1. Get a domain

First, you need to get a domain. I get all my domains from Namecheap because they offer free Whois protection, meaning my personal data won’t be exposed and my grandma doesn’t find I run porn sites after searching for my name on Google 😉

You should get a .com or .net domain that indicates a webcam site, e.g., etc.

2. Register an account at CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue is an adult CPA company. CPA stands for “cost per action”; thus, you will get paid whenever a visitor coming from your link performs an action, such as signing up for a free trial or purchasing access to a membership site.

crakrevenue homepage

Register an account at CrakRevenue.

3. Choose a webcam offer

After you registered for an account (learn here how to get accepted), log in and click on “Web Offers”. Filter for “Cams”.

CrakRevenue cam offers

Now, you will see all webcam offers.

There are three types of offers:

  1. PPL = Pay Per Lead, you get paid whenever a visitor signs up (also when it’s a free trial)
  2. PPS = Pay Per Sale, you only get paid when the visitor makes a sale
  3. RevShare = Revenue Share, you get a percentage of the revenue the visitor earns the company

All three have different advantages and disadvantages. If you have no idea what this is all about, choose PPL. It will bring results more quickly than the other two, as you will also receive a payment if the visitor only signed up for free (the visitor did not spend any money yet). You can switch to other types later.

Personally, I get the most conversions with offers from My Free Cams and Free Cams Exposed, but what works best for me does not necessarily have to work best for you. Test out different offers and stick with the best performing one.

After you picked the offer, CrakRevenue will show you an affiliate link. Let the domain you created in Step 1 redirect to the affiliate link.

4. Get legal webcam videos

I recently bought the resell rights for over 300 webcam videos from a content producer (for a big sum of money ). I am offering you to buy some of this content from me – for a fair price. You will be getting the rights to use the content; thus, no copyrights or other laws are hurt. It’s fully legal content.

Here you can see some examples:

webcam content

Webcam Content #1

Webcam content #3

That’s enough! I don’t want you to jizz in your pants while you are reading this guide 😉

Of course the actual videos will be without my watermark.

The prices are:

5 videos = $25
10 videos = $40
25 videos = $80

Payment via Paxum or Bitcoin.

Full 2257 documents are included. Read here why 2257 documentation is important.

Contact me for purchasing.

5. Edit and watermark the videos

After you bought the videos from me or another content provider, you need to watermark them with the domain you registered in step 1.). Also, you should cut them and change the video codec, as the file size will most likely be too large for tube sites. Also, the video should not be two times or more in the exact same way on the same porn tube.

The watermark can be a logo you got for $5 from Fiverr or you create it yourself in Paint, Photoshop etc. You can also use a simple text watermark, however, I found that professionally looking logos lead to much better success.

Choose a reasonable size for your watermark. A video with a huge watermark that hides half of the video will get deleted by most tubes.

I’m cutting the videos with Avidemux (freeware). The codec I use is x264. To explain the software in this guide would be too long. You can find all tutorials you need on YouTube .

Avidemux can also be used to add your watermark. Add your video, configure the codec at “Video Output”, press “Filter” and then choose “Add logo”.

Add a logo with avidemux

6. Upload the videos automatically with Tube Sites Submitter

Now, that you have the finished video, you can head to tube sites and upload it there. The visitors will watch it and want to check out the website of this cam site in the logo (which is your CPA link).

You can head to every tube site that exists and upload the content manually, which is boring and takes ages, or you use a software called Tube Sites Submitter to do this automatically.

There is a free version you can play around with, but it’s not very useful for this guide. The full version, which I am showing you below, costs $29.95 per month.

Start by filling out the details for your profile. That’s your personal data which will be used for registering on the tube sites.

tube sites submitter profile settings

The next tab is the register tab. Choose the category “Web Cam” or alternatively, upload to every tube site.

Tube Sites Submitter Register Settings

The next tab is for the video settings. Give your video a catchy title and description (e.g. “Horny teen rubbing her pussy on webcam”). Enter tags like webcam, cam, cam girl and others that fit.

At “Site information” put the URL of the domain you created in step 1). Some tube sites will list this URL under the video. This is perfect because it means that visitors can click on your link and don’t have to type it in their browser.

Choose appropriate categories and content type. You can see how I filled it out for my video here:

Tube Sites Submitter video settings

The final step is to upload the video to the tube sites. Just press “Start” and wait.

Tube Sites Submitter upload settings

Check out Tube Sites Submitter.

It makes a lot of sense to use Tube Sites Submitter on a VPS, so you can leave it run 24/7 without having your computer turned on. Also, the connection from the VPS to the internet will often be faster than your regular internet connection.

Some tube sites like xhamster are not worth uploading to. Their requirements are too strict to even bother. It’s even hard to upload there manually.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments below.

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