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Earn Money Online with Adult Autoblogs

This method for earning money online will teach you how to create a blog that automatically publishes content (a so-called autoblog). This autoblog will post pictures to social networks and receive big amounts of social media traffic.

Autoblog Google Analytics

500 Visitors/Day on Autopilot

While this is possible with every niche that exists, I prefer doing this for the adult niche. The adult niche is a very big and financially strong niche. The problem is that it’s very hard to get on the top positions on Google for any adult keyword. Fortunately, this method relies on traffic from social networks and so you are independent from the search engines.

It’s time to get your piece from the big cake of the adult niche!

This post does not contain any nude pictures, but might uses words that some people find inappropriate. If you can’t handle this, then the adult niche isn’t for you anyways 😉

For monetization I am using PlugRush, JuicyAds and CrakRevenue.

I am not responsible for any damages that occur during the implementation of any of the tips contained in this article. You are continuing at your own risk. Make sure to check the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.


Choosing a Hosting Account

At the beginning, you need a hosting account and a domain. You can’t use every web hoster for this. The reason is that many hosting providers do not want any adult content on their servers. Also, since you want to drive big amounts of traffic to the autoblog, you need a hosting company with quite few restrictions. You need a host that is:

  • Allowing adult content
  • Offering unlimited traffic
  • Offering unlimited disk space and databases
  • Reliable
  • Cheap

A hosting company that fulfills all this is and that I’m therefore recommending to you is Arvixe. The best thing: they offer a free domain for life, so you don’t have to buy a domain separately. It’s included in the price!

On the website of Arvixe, you need the “Personal Class” server and I recommend buying a package for at least half a year (which is only $36), so you don’t have to renew every month and additionally save money through the discount for bigger packages. If you are short on money, you can also buy the cheapest package for $7/month.

ATTENTION: Use the coupon AdultWebmasterBlog to get 20% off your first invoice!

arvixe coupon code

Another great thing about Arvixe is that the domain does not contain your personal data. Normally, the data of a domain contains the name and address of the person who registered it. This is something I want to avoid and you should avoid that too. Imagine your grandma googling for your name and finding you are the owner of a “bang-hot-grandmas” website 😀

During the registration process, Arvixe will ask you for a domain name. Which one you should choose depends on how you want to continue later. Check below for advice.

Choosing a proper Domain Name

Arvixe wants to know the domain name they will register with your order. There are two possibilities:

  1. You choose a general adult-related domain name
  2. You choose a niche specific domain name

#1 is perfect if you are not sure yet what exact niche you are trying to aim for OR if you are planning to aim at several niches. With the use of subdomains you can build a range of autoblogs aiming at different niches. A general adult-related domain name would be something like adultheaven, sexoasis, pornisland etc. It clearly indicates an adult website, but does not give away the exact niche. Later, you can create subdomains targeting niches. The domains could look like:

Main Domain:


I think you got the point.

#2 is a good choice if you already have a niche in mind you want to conquer. For example, you could be aiming at the interracial niche. A niche specific domain name could be something like interracialfun, interracialporn etc. With the use of subdomains you could aim at different target keywords or niches. For example:

Main Domain:

blackwomen.interracialporn. .[com/net/org]

Stay with .com, .net, .org domains to make your site look more professional to the visitors.

Adult Niche Ideas

Although this method is not relying on search engine traffic, you want of course that people actually look for the niche you are targeting. It is a good idea to check this via Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Are you having trouble with coming up with an idea for an adult niche on your own? I have written a seperate post where I give away some keywords and further ideas. You can read it here.

Build your Autoblog with WordPress

At this point, I assume that you have registered an account at Arvixe, bought a hosting package, found a niche and registered a proper domain name. Now, you should create a subdomain and install WordPress on it.

WordPress Installation

Log-in your Arvixe control panel.

Scroll down and click on “Subdomains”.

Add a Subdomain

Type the name of one of your keywords in the textbox next to “Subdomain”. In case your main domain is interracialporn.[com/net/org], the name of your subdomain could be “blackwomen”. Click on the house symbol and then click “Create”.

Go back to the hosting panel and find “WordPress” at the bottom.

WordPress One Click Install

Click on Install.

Choose protocol http://www.

Choose your subdomain (NOT the main domain!).

Leave the directory field blank. Leave the other options as they are.

Change “Admin Username” and “Admin Password” to more secure ones, save them somewhere on your computer.

Check “Limit Login Attempts”.

Click on the install button and wait for the installation to finish. If you did everything correctly you should see this screen:

WordPress Installation Finished

Leave this tab open, as you need the hosting panel again later. Open the link for the administrative URL in a new tab.

Log in WordPress with the Admin Username and Password you have chosen before.

Delete all sample pages and posts.

Go to Posts -> Categories and create a category named after your keyword. Create a corresponding slug, for example “blackwomenpictures”. Click “Add New Category” when you’re finished.

Go to Settings -> Writing and set the category you just created as “Default Post Category”. Save changes.

Install the WordPress PlugIns

Click on “Plugins” and delete the Hello Dolly plugin.

Click on “Add New” and search for “Multi Plugin Installer”. Install this plugin and activate it. On the bar on the left there will be a new link called “Multi Plugin Installer”, click on it.

Copy and paste the following Plugins in the textbox below “Enter the list of plugins to install.”:

Watermark my Image
Auto Post Thumbnail
404 simple redirect
Google Analyticator
Open in New Window Plugin
Seo friendly Images
Simple Google Sitemap XML
Wordfence Security
Acurax On Click Pop Under
Nextscripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

Press “Install & Activate plugins”. Wait a few minutes for the installation process to finish.

Multi Plugin Installer WordPress

After all plugins were installed successfully, you can delete “Multi Plugin Installer” to save disk space.

Configure the WordPress Plugins

Fix the Plugin FeedWordPress

The plugin FeedWordPress needs a small fix, otherwise the autoblog would post too much content, which could get your social media accounts banned for spamming. Download the fix from here.

If you followed my advice, the tab of the Arvixe hosting panel should still be open, otherwise you need to login to the hosting panel again. Find and open the “File Manager” in your hosting panel.

File Manager arvixe

Navigate to /public_html/[your subdomainfolder]/wp-content/plugins/. Upload the .zip containing the fix to this location. Right-click on it and extract the content.

Extract the FWP fix

Delete the .zip from your server by right-clicking on it and choose “Delete”.

Switch back to WordPress, go to Plugins, refresh your browser and you should see a new plugin called “FWP+ Limit posts by date”. Activate it. At some occasions this causes a “fatal error” in WordPress. Don’t panic when this happens! In case this happens go back to the File Manager and find the folder of the plugin you just installed. Right-click on fwp-limit-posts-by-date.php and choose “Code Edit”. Delete the lines:

/*DBG*/ add_action('init', function () {

Save changes. Go back to WordPress and refresh your browser. Try again to activate the plugin. It will finally work and display the message “Plugin activated”.

Configure WordFence

WordFence is a plugin that offers some basic security protection for your WordPress blog.

Click on “Wordfence” in the left bar and choose “Options”. Make sure that all basic options are activated and that the security level is set to “Level 2”. If you like to receive email alerts, put your email in the field. I don’t want any alerts as they often are false alarms. Leave the rest as it is and save the changes. Scroll down to “Firewall Rules” and activate the checkbox “Immediately block fake Google crawlers”. Scroll down to the end of the page and save your changes again.

Configure Watermark My Image

Watermark My Image is a plugin that puts a watermark on the images when they are posted to your social media accounts.

If other people are sharing or stealing your images, everyone can still see where they came from and may type in your site’s name in the browser manually. The best thing is that the watermark is underneath the image and, therefore, does not destroy its look.

Click on “Watermark My Image” in the left bar and choose “Configuration”.

Enable watermarks for all sizes.

Put in these values for the following fields:

  • Background color: F4F4F4
  • Height: 30
  • Text align: Right
  • Offset x: 9
  • Offset y: 9
  • Spacing: 9
  • JPEG quality: 80

Below that are two textboxes which will be the text of your watermark. You want to put some engaging words in the first textbox and the link to your subdomain in the second textbox. For example:

Textbox 1: More pictures of hot milfs at
Textbox 2:

Watermark My Image Configuration

Choose a font and size for both textboxes. I prefer Verdana, 12. At the top of the site you can see a preview of your watermark. Make sure that your text is not too long, so nothing is cut off in the preview.

When you are happy with the watermark, hit “Save changes”.

Below “Configuration” you can find “Apply Watermark”, go there and make the following settings:

  • Use WordPress cron: Yes
  • WordPress cron interval: Once five minutes
  • Images per batch: 20

Save the changes.

Configure SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images will help to get some extra traffic from the search engines. Go to Settings (in the left bar) -> SEO Friendly Images. Put in some keywords that fit to your website in the fields for “ALT” and “TITLE” attribute. For example: milf, mature, big tit milf, white milf

Click on “Update Options”.

Set up the Google Analyticator Plugin

Google Analytics, in case you don’t know, helps you with tracking your traffic (the amount, where it comes from, how long people stay on the site etc.). You need an account at Google Analytics. Create a new property at Google Analytics for your subdomain and the rest is explained by the plugin itself. Enable Google Analytics logging in the settings, choose the correct Analytics account, scroll down and hit “Save Changes”.

Configure Google Sitemap XML

You can find the settings for the plugin Google Sitemap XML in the left bar. Change “Where do you want to store your XML file?” to “In my website’s root folder”. Save the changes.

Add your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

If you don’t already have an account at Google Webmaster Tools, you can register one now.

Add the subdomain you are working with and verify that you own the website. There are many options and if you followed this guide you can easily verify the site through your Google Analytics account.

Add your sitemap which is stored at Don’t worry when it shows an error. The error will disappear when you publish the first piece of content.

Change Permalinks in WordPress

Click on Settings -> Permalinks and put in


at “Custom Structure”. Save the changes.

Activate CloudFlare to improve your Site’s performance

CloudFlare helps to make your site load faster for free. Go to your Arvixe hosting panel and find the entry “Cloudflare”.

Activate CloudFlare
Activate it for your main domain and fortunately it will also work for all subdomains.

Let’s go social: Register Social Media Accounts

Register a new email address. It will be used for all the social accounts you are going to register. I’m always using Yahoo Mail, but it doesn’t really matter which provider you choose.

Warning! Do not use your personal social media accounts. They could get banned at some point.
Warning! Do not register an account on a social media site with the same IP address twice. This means if you are following this tutorial for the second time or you already have two accounts on a social media site, you need to use proxies and delete all cookies. I have written a detailed tutorial on how to do this here.

Register an account at Twitter

Register a Twitter account here.

During the registration process you have the chance to upload an avatar. Don’t upload an avatar, this gets me banned all the time for whatever reason. Write an engaging text into the ”BIO“ field. Verify your email address.

Put a link to the WordPress site you already created in your profile.

Go to the Twitter settings and check “Mark media I tweet as containing material that may be sensitive”. Save changes.

Set up SNAP to automatically post to Twitter

Go back to your WordPress site. Click on Settings -> Social Networks Auto-Poster. Add a new account and choose Twitter from the list.

Follow the tutorial from Nextscripts, the company behind SNAP, for creating a Twitter App:
NextScripts SNAP Twitter

Hint added (August 2014):

Twitter now seems to require mobile phone verification for creating a Twitter app. There are several ways to solve this:

1.) Just use your phone
2.) Buy SIM cards from eBay sellers
3.) Buy phone-verified Twitter developer accounts

If none of this three options is possible for you:

4.) Set up IFTTT to post from Tumblr to Twitter

Read this post to learn more about IFTTT.

After filling out all fields, check “Attach Image to Twitter Post”.

In the “Message text Format” field you should put in some broad and some specific tags for your site and end with %URL%. For example:

#mature #milf #porn #fucking #milfsuckingbigcock #milflover %URL%

Don’t put in too many tags! 6 or 7 are enough.

Update Settings, click on “Show settings” and submit a test post to Twitter.

Check your Twitter account. It should have posted a test message if you set up everything correctly. Delete this test message from your Twitter profile.

Register an account at Tumblr

Register a Tumblr account.

Upload a profile picture. Get a non-nude picture related to your niche and upload that as your avatar.

Give your account a nice title and a description containing your keywords. Verify your email address.

Go to the Settings and turn on “Truncate RSS feed” and “Flag this blog as NSFW”.

Change the theme to a nice and clean-looking one. Personally, I often use the theme “Observer”.

Activate “Show Description” in the options for the theme you’ve chosen. Scroll down to see the advanced options and turn on “Open links in new window”.

Set up SNAP to automatically post to Tumblr

Go back to your WordPress site. Click on Settings -> Social Networks Auto-Poster. Add a new account and choose Tumblr from the list.

Follow the tutorial from Nextscripts that you can access here:
Nextscripts SNAP Tumblr

Choose Image Post -> Shortened Post URL -> delete the text in the “Post Text Format” field and replace it with:

Here a short description <strong>Your URL</strong>

For example:

More Big Tits Pictures Here: <strong></strong>

There are two possibilities for what you choose as your URL. Either the URL of your website or the URL of your Tumblr account. The latter will help your Tumblr account to grow faster, so maybe choose this first and then later (after 2-3 weeks) switch it to your blog URL.

If you want more advanced Tumblr marketing strategies, please refer to my Tumblr guide for adult webmasters.

Update Settings, click on “Show settings” and authorize your Tumblr account. Allow read and write access and submit a test post from the settings. Check if it worked and delete the test post.

Register an account at StumbleUpon

Register your account here:

Choose a profile picture in the settings. Now, you should use the account for 4-5 minutes. Stumble over a few websites, rate them and leave non-spammy comments.

Set up SNAP to automatically post to StumbleUpon

Go back to your blog. Click on Settings -> Social Networks Auto-Poster. Add a new account and choose StumbleUpon from the list.

Fill in username and password. Choose category “Pornography” and check ”NSFW”. Leave the rest as it is and update the settings.

Click on “Show Settings” and submit a test post to StumbleUpon.

Register an account at is a website for adult pictures and will give us some extra traffic. You don’t have to set up SNAP for this. It will use your website’s RSS feed.

Register an account, go the settings and put a link to your website in the website field. In the field for “RSS feed”, you have to paste the feed of your blog. It is located at

Save the profile and you’re done.

Collecting Content for your Autoblog

There are two options. You add pictures yourself (this is possible in batch) or you let the content be published 100% automatically. I always decide for the automatic option, which I therefore will explain in detail, while the guide for manual publishing will just be an overview. Continue reading ”Add Content Automatically” if you want to replicate me exactly.

Legal disclaimer: For the next steps I assume that you own the necessary rights to use the content. does not endorse the violation of copyrights.

Add Content Manually

What I call “manual” is in fact not 100% manual. You manually upload a bunch of pictures and from this moment the rest happens automatically.

Install these WordPress plugins:

Automatic Featured Image Posts
Drafts Scheduler

Go to Appearance -> Editor -> functions.php
Paste this code at the end of the file and update:

add_filter( 'afip_new_post_content', 'myprefix_change_afip_post_content', 10, 2 );
function myprefix_change_afip_post_content( $post_content, $attachment_id ) {

    $my_uploaded_image = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $attachment_id );

    $post_content .= '<img alt="" src="' . $my_uploaded_image[0] . '" />';

    return $post_content;


Go to Settings -> Automatic Featured Image Posts and set the default post status to “Draft”.

You can find good sources for buying adult pictures on Google with search phrases such as “buy adult content”.

Go to “Media” and upload your pictures. Go to Posts -> Draft Scheduler and select the next day as start day. Select sequential schedule and set a fixed post interval. Click “Schedule”. If at some point a problem occurs, select the day after the latest schedule entry and click “Schedule” again.

Add Content Automatically

Use Google search and find Tumblr blogs from your niche. To do this type in:

[your keyword here] porn + tumblr
of course without the [ ] brackets

Search for 5 high quality blogs that mostly upload great-looking, non-watermarked, images. Check if the blog is regularly updated, preferably daily. Add /rss/ at the URL of a good Tumblr blog and save it somewhere until you collected all 5 blogs.

Set up automatic posting in WordPress

Go to WordPress -> Syndication and click “add multiple”.

Syndication Add Multiple
Add the five RSS feeds of the Tumblr blogs you collected in the previous step. The links need to look like Click “Add” and “Subscribe to selected sources”.

Go to the next sub-entry called “Feeds & Updates”. Uncheck all checkboxes under “Feed Information”.

Syndication Feed Information
Under “Update Scheduling” choose “cron job or manual updates”.

Set “Update scheduling” to: Wait 180 minutes between polling.

Under “Update Posts” choose “No, leave the syndicated copy unmodified”

Under “Limit posts by date” set up “Number of Posts” to “Only the 1 most recent”.

Syndication Limit Posts by Date
Save the changes at the bottom of the page.

Head to the sub-entry “Posts & Links” and select “Publish posts immediately”, “No leave the syndicated copy unmodified”, “The local copy on this website”, “Give the aggregator itself as the source of posts from an aggregator feed”. Save changes.

Click on the sub-entry “Authors” and set “Authors who haven’t been syndicated before” to “will have their posts attributed to [your username]”. Save changes.

Choose sub-entry “Categories & Tags”, unselect every checkbox and set the radio boxes to “Don’t create any matching terms”.

Syndication Feed Categories and Tags
Under “Categories” select the previously created WordPress category. Enter some tags (I recommend 7 to 10), separate them with commas. Click “Add” and save the changes.

Go back to the sub-entry “Syndicated Sites” and press the “Update” button. Wait for a few minutes and let the magic happen. Your blog should have fetched pictures, published them on your blog and send the pictures to your social network accounts. Check if everything worked! StumbleUpon sometimes needs more time and doesn’t publish every post, but your other accounts should have published some pictures. In case of errors or no published pictures, check if you have set up everything correctly.

On the blog itself you will see the pictures two times! Don’t worry. I will show you how to fix this soon.

Optional: Automatically rewrite post titles

When the content from Tumblr feeds is automatically posted to your autoblog, there often won’t be a title available or there will be a title you don’t like. Put the code below into your functions.php of WordPress to automatically rewrite the titles.

Go to Appearance -> Editor -> functions.php
Paste this code at the end of the file.

add_filter('syndicated_item_title', 'fwp_set_title', 10, 2);
function fwp_set_title ($title)
   $title1[0] = "Title 1";
   $title1[1] = "Title 2";
   $title1[2] = "Title 3";
   $title1[3] = "Title 4";
   $title1[4] = "Title 5";
   $title1[5] = "Title 6";
   $title1[6] = "Title 7";
   $title1[7] = "Title 8";
   $title1[8] = "Title 9";
   $title1[9] = "Title 10";
   $randomize = rand(0, 9);
   return ($title1[$randomize]);

With this code, a random title defined between the quotes will be chosen. In this example code, you have to replace “Title 1”, “Title 2” etc. with your titles, e.g. “Picture of hot blondes XXX”. Keep the titles very broad so that they fit to every picture within your niche.

It’s a good idea to use releveant keywords in the titles to receive some extra search engine traffic. Please refer to this article where I explain adult keyword research.

Create a Cron Job

You can imagine a Cron Job as an automatic task that is being executed every xy minutes/hours/days etc.

Go back to Syndication -> Feeds & Updates. Under “Update Scheduling” you can find a cron command that looks something like this:

*/10 * * * * /usr/bin/curl --silent

Copy this beginning at /usr, so you leave out the *** etc. It must look like:

/usr/bin/curl --silent

Go to your hosting panel at arvixe and click on the entry “Cron jobs”.

Arvixe Cron Job
Set the “Common Settings” to “Twice an hour”. Paste the cron command from above and press the add button.

Add a Cron Job

Make your WordPress Autoblog look better

The technical side is finished, but the blog looks like a piece of shit. Time to change that!

Choosing a Theme and changing the Header

Go back to WordPress. Appearance -> Themes. I want to use the clean standard theme “Twenty Thirteen”, so I activate it and delete all other themes. Please notice that the following tips refer to this theme and if you want another one, you have to check yourself how it works with this one.

Click on “Customize”. Give your site a title and a tagline that sound nice and contain your keyword(s). Also, you should remove the header as the colors are not fitting well to an adult site. To do this click on “Header Image” and then “Remove Image”.

Click “Save & Publish”.

Fix that Pictures are displayed twice

On your blog all pictures are displayed two times. This happens because one is the original picture and one is a thumbnail. Remove the thumbnail and only one big image will be shown.

Go to Appearance -> Editor -> content.php.

Find and remove the lines

<div class="entry-thumbnail"><!?php the_post_thumbnail();?</div>

Press “Update file”.

Edit the Footer

The footer contains “Proudly powered by WordPress“. WordPress is cool and stuff, but you can use this space better.

Go to Appearance -> Editor -> footer.php

There are a few lines of code between

<div class="site-info"></div>
<!-- .site-info -->

Delete everything between those tags, but don’t delete the tags themselves. Add a link to your subdomain and to your main site. For example, it could look like

<div class="site-info"><a href="">Get Big Tits Pictures</a> | <a href="">More Porn Pictures</a></div>
<!-- .site-info -->

Press “Update File”.

If you did everything correctly, it will look like this (of course with your own text):

Autoblog Footer Example

The last few changes

Go back to WordPress -> Appearance -> Widgets. Remove the Widgets “Meta” and “Recent Comments”.

In WordPress go to Settings -> Discussion. Remove all checkboxes next to “Default article settings”. If you don’t want to be bothered by emails, you should remove all checkboxes next to “E-mail me whenever”. Next to “Comment moderation” change the value to “0” (zero) links. Save changes.


You have build your own autoblog that automatically publishes adult pictures to your blog and to social media sites. The only thing that’s missing is the monetization! Time to bring home the bacon.

Monetize your Adult Autoblog

All the hard work needs to be rewarded, don’t you agree? I will show you how to earn money with PlugRush, JuicyAds and CrakRevenue. CrakRevenue requires a short application. Check this post on how to get approved by CrakRevenue.

Put PlugRush Ad Widgets on your WordPress blog

Login to your PlugRush account. At first, you need to add your website. Go to Publishers -> Websites -> Add Website. Put in your website’s data and choose “Blog”. Click “Verify Ownership”. Copy the code that will look something like:

<meta name="prVerify" content="xyz123" />

You need to put this in your website’s header. Go to WordPress -> Appearance -> Editor -> header.php. Add the PlugRush code before the


tag. Update the file.

Go back to PlugRush and verify the ownership again. “Status” should now show a green symbol.

Go to Publishers -> Adzones. Click “Create Adzone” and choose “Widget”.

Plugrush Widget
These ads will be shown between your posts. These are the options you should choose:

  • Type -> Regular Widget
  • Categories -> press the button “Select None”. Now, pick a few categories that fit to your niche.


  • Title -> Give it a title you can recognize later
  • Structure -> 4 Cols / 1 Row
  • Plug Spacing -> 1 px Hor / 0px Ver
  • Show Thumbs -> Show Only Thumbs
  • Thumbsize: 210px W / 175px H

plugrush widget customization
Traffic Settings -> Check “Trade Traffic” and “Sell Traffic”. Remove the other checkboxes.

Websites -> Select your website.

Finally, press “Save Widget”.

You will see the Widget Code that you need to add on your website. Copy the code.

Go back to WordPress -> Appearance -> Editor -> index.php

Copy the code created by PlugRush. Go to Appearance -> Editor -> Main Index Template (index.php) and look for a line like this:

<?php /* The loop */ ?>
<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>

BELOW these lines write:

<div align="center"></div>

Now put the PlugRush ad code into this


container, so it will look like this:

<?php /* The loop */ ?>
<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
<div align="center"><iframe id="yourplugrushid" src="" height="179" width="868" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe></div>

Update the file.

The first ad is up and running, but this wasn’t even the main ad. Go back to PlugRush -> Adzones. Find the Adzone you just created and click on the symbol for “Duplicate widget”.

Duplicate a Widget on PlugRush

Choose the same website, but give this widget another name. Hit “Save”.

Click on the new widget that should have appeared and click on the pen symbol for “Edit”.

For some reason the categories cannot be copied, so you have to choose them again.

Leave all other settings as they are, except one. Go to Customization -> Structure -> 4 Cols / 15 Rows.

Save the widget. Copy the ad code.

Go back to WordPress -> Appearance -> Editor -> single.php

Look for the line

<?php get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() ); ?>

and paste your ad code BELOW it. Put

<div align="center"></div>

around the ad code, just like you did for the other ad code. After doing that it should look like:

<?php get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() ); ?>
<div align="center"><iframe id=" yourplugrushid " src="" height="2685" width="868" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe></div>

Update the file. Check if the ads are showing.

Now, you have two ads on your website. One is between the posts on the main site. The other one appears when you click on a post (click on the title above an image to view it). People coming from social networks will see the latter ad when they come to your site by clicking on an image that was published on a social media account.

Monetize the Mobile Visitors of your Adult Website with JuicyAds

As you may have seen, PlugRush also has options for monetizing mobile visitors. The problem is that I do not find them to be very visitor-friendly. For this reason, I am using another company called JuicyAds for monetizing my mobile traffic.

Go to the JuicyAds website and click on “Sell Ads”. Choose “Setup Websites and Ad Zones” and click on “Add Website”. Put in your website’s details. Do not fill in the info on the next site. Instead click again on “Sell Ads” and below your website you will see “Get your Mobile Code here!”. Click on this link and copy the code.

JuicyAds Mobile
Go to WordPress -> Appearance -> Editor -> header.php

Put the code inside


above the PlugRush code that was needed previously for verification. Update the file.

Several people complained that they were redirected when visiting their site on their mobile phones. Please stop these complaints, as this is exactly what should happen here 😀

Put CrakRevenue Popunders on your WordPress blog

After the CrakRevenue team accepted you (learn how to get approved by CrakRevenue) you could use it for displaying popunders on your website and additionally redirect all 404 traffic to an offer.

Go to “Web Offers” and choose an offer. I can’t help you with choosing the right offer, as this depends on your niche. Also, offers are getting replaced from time to time… I choose PPL (Pay Per Lead) offers only, as I found them to be converting quite well.

Click on an offer and choose “Popunder”. Copy the link under “Your link code”.

Go to WordPress -> PopUnder (it will be shown in the left bar). Put in your link code in the “Popunder URL” field.
Click “Update Acurax Popunder Options”.

In WordPress, go to Settings -> 404 Redirect. There is only one field, put in your Crakrevenue link code there and click “Save Plugin Options”.

The popunder will be shown when people click around your website and when they want to access a post/category that doesn’t exist.

Update February 2015: There have been several misunderstandings regarding Acurax On Click Pop Under.

As the name suggests, the popunder will only appear when something on your site is clicked. This is less obstrusive to the visitors and, therefore, my preferred approach.

If you do not agree on that and want the popunder to appear on every visit, you have to take all the popunder code from CrakRevenue and put in the same place like the JuicyAds code.

Some last words of wisdom

Wow! If you followed this method until here, I have to gratulate you. You have so much patience and diligence! The journey does not end here though.

Your Main Domain

You might be wondering what will happen to your main domain. It will be a place where all your subdomains are collected and visitors can switch around between them easily.

For this you can create a WordPress blog on your main domain or just a simple HTML site. If you followed this guide until here, you will have enough knowledge for doing this on your own.

Do not leave the main domain empty, as some visitors won’t type in your subdomain. For example, they are seeing your watermark saying “” and now they just type in “” in their browser. It wouldn’t be too good if this visitor would just find a blank page.

You can additionally monetize your adult blog by building your own porn tube related to your niche. If you want to drive even more traffic to your website, check out this tutorial: Drive traffic to your adult website on autopilot.

Build many Autoblogs on your Subdomains

One of these sites won’t make you rich! Create as many subdomain autoblogs as you can and drive more traffic to them through active promotion. Note that you will need to delete your cookies + get private or semi dedicated proxies for creating several social media accounts. If you need help with this, check out my tutorial on how to use proxies and delete all cookies.

Just follow this autoblog tutorial again and again. The costs won’t increase, but your earnings will.

Possible Issues and their Fixes

Here is a list of things that chould go wrong and how to fix them.

Watermarks are not applied

Sometimes watermarks are not applied to the images that get posted on social networks. Solution: Deactivate, delete and reinstall the Watermark My Images plugin. Note that it is normal that the pictures on the blog itself do not contain a watermark.

PlugRush ads are not showing

If PlugRush ads are not showing, check if you disabled AdBlocker etc. in your browser and if you made a mistake while implementing the ad codes. There is nothing wrong? Then wait for some days. You waited long enough and inserted the ad code correctly, but ads are still not showing. This is a weird error and I do not understand what causes it. Regardless, the fix is to delete the PlugRush ad code and

<div align="center"></div>

After that, I go to PlugRush and copy the ad code again (from the Ad Zone menu). I put in the ad code only, without the div container. I check the site and the ads are showing up. Then I put the

<div align="center"></div>

tag around the ad code and it works and is centered.

Description of the content pulled from Tumblr is reposted

The description of content that is automatically gathered from Tumblr is kept and reposted to your own social media sites. This can be annoying, as it could contain affiliate links or other advertisements that are not from you.

My reader Tomaso was so kind to come up with a fix to this:

Only upload and activate the plugin: fwp-limit-size-of-posts

Go to WordPress –> Syndication –> “Posts & Links”. At the end appears the option “Limit size of posts”. Set “Cut off syndicated posts after a certain length” and set all values 0. Important, save “Keep the image….”. That’s all.

Please contact me if you stumble over other issues. I will try to help you and put the fix here so the others can profit too.

Credits for the main idea go to BHW user reinstecker and his original method.

Did you like this method? Will you try it yourself? Please leave me a comment!

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