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Let me introduce myself shortly. My name is Marvin. I’m a student of Computer Science and Social Science who is currently travelling the world.

I believe that every person has a special talent and I found that my special talent is to monetize other people’s jackoff needs 😀

I’m here to help you with your efforts in the adult webmaster world. We have to compete against multimillion dollar businesses with huge marketing budgets. This means we have to act smart to grab our piece of the market. Throwing a shitty website on the internet will not lead to success!

Fighting through this rough world alone is hard. Therefore, let’s connect and help each other here. I will be sharing my knowledge with you and hope to learn more myself along the way. I heavily rely on automation and social media, which will hopefully bring you awesome results as well.

I’m always trying to be honest and transparent. This also means that I now make you aware that I’m using affiliate links on this website to make more money myself. However, I own and use every tool or service I recommend and only write about those that could be helpful for you too.

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