15 Ways To Get Free Adult Traffic

When you are first starting out as an adult webmaster, you most likely won’t have the funds for buying paid traffic. However, also experienced adult webmasters rely on free traffic sources, for example, to save costs, get massive amounts of traffic and/or to diversify traffic sources.

The drawback of free traffic is that it usually converts worse than paid traffic, meaning you need bigger amounts of traffic to see conversions. This is not always true though, as free traffic can also be of high quality if it is correctly targeted and if you have no idea what you are doing, buying traffic can lead to big losses.

This leads to the conclusion that everyone should be concerned about free traffic.

15 ways to get free adult traffic

Here are 15 ways to get free adult traffic:

Make money through tube uploading and CPA offers

I will show you how you can earn money with webcam CPA offers from CrakRevenue by tube uploading. As you probably know I love automation, so it shouldn’t surprise you that this guide teaches how you can upload videos to dozens of sites automatically.

Is running a porn site legal? What are the legal requirements?

Is running a porn site legal? What are the legal requirements for running a porn site? I get questions like these almost every day. Those questions are extremely hard to answer for me and you will soon learn why.

Tumblr Guide For Adult Webmasters

Many adult webmasters use Tumblr to drive traffic to their websites. That’s because Tumblr allows adult content and has a large amount of horny users searching for adult Tumblr blogs. But how can you gain followers on Tumblr and make money?

my tumblr blog statistics

What you will learn

  • How to set up your adult Tumblr blogs correctly
  • How to gain followers by socializing
  • Grow your blogs automatically
  • How to avoid bans
  • How to make money through Tumblr blogs

and much more.

Block Unwanted Users From Visiting Your Website

Having visitors on your website is awesome. However, you surely don’t want visitors who are trying to hack your website or who are leaving spam comments. I’m showing you how to identify and block those users by IP, user agent or referrer.

Why would you block some users from visiting your website?

First, I have to tell you that you are welcome on my website 😛

However, nearly every day there is someone trying to log into my admin account by using common passwords. Others steal my time by submitting shitty comments. I surely don’t want them to come back, so they get locked out forever.

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