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Is the web hosting offered by Arvixe a good choice for adult webmasters? This article will explore that.
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Hard to find a provider for adult web hosting

Many web hosting providers don’t allow adult content on their servers. It can be a pain in the ass to find a professional hosting provider that allows it. Fortunately, Arvixe explicitly allows us to host adult content on their servers.

This makes it possible to host adult images and videos on their servers and to make some money with the traffic. I’m using Arvixe for all my adult projects, as I mentioned in my in-depth guide about adult autoblogging.

About Arvixe

Founded in California in 2003, Arvixe collected a number of awards from different hosting experts such as HostReviews. Additionally, their service has been certified by CNET. Every month they conduct a customer satisfaction survey and achieve excellent results, with over 92% of the customers being fully satisfied with Arvixe.

I’m also very satisfied with Arvixe’s adult web hosting so far. The only thing I have to complain about is that my websites went down for two days at one point. However, during the downtime I was informed about any changes in status. After the problem was fixed, I got a compensation that covered nearly half a months hosting costs (although the downtime was only 2 days long). So far I didn’t experience any downtimes again.

Here are the features

  • Very low prices starting from $4.00/month
  • A FREE LIFETIME domain comes with your order
  • Server locations in the US and Europe
  • cPanel makes server managing easy for inexperienced webmasters
  • 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • DDoS protection, in case a jealous competitor tries to attack your website
  • Hosting of adult content explicitly allowed

and much more.

Hosting Details

Arvixe offers Linux and Windows (ASP .NET) hosting and provides their users unlimited disk space, data transfer, email accounts, subdomains and databases in their PersonalClass and BusinessClass packages.

Owners of high traffic websites, who want full control over their servers, can choose a VPS or a dedicated server package. Personal sites, business sites, blogs, adult sites; nearly everything can be hosted with them.

To save your time, they made it possible to install WordPress and other blog software, different forums, shopping sites and even your own social network with just one click.

What payment methods does Arvixe offer?

Payment is possible via all major credit cards, PayPal and Skrill (former Moneybookers).

How will Arvixe answer my questions?

The support will answer your queries via email, live chat, by calling their US telephone number, or by opening a support ticket on the website.

Get 20% off your first order

Use the coupon AdultWebmasterBlog to get 20% off your first order! View where you have to put the coupon below:

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If you are unsure if Arvixe is the right web hoster for your needs, I recommend to just try it. There is nothing to lose, as they offer a very long money back guarantee of 60 days.



  1. Hello there! I’m John, the Greek one if you remember me from your old site! I want to share my experience with Arvixe. A very bad experience. I was at hostgator before and I moved to Arvixe few months ago. A huge mistake!
    I had 3 offers for selling one of my websites the minimum offer was for 1,500 dollars. I had a very good rank in Alexa for USA ans Canada. Just after the offers placed, arvixe’s galah server crashed and it took almost 20 days to fix it and right after that the SQL server crashed and it took almost 6 days to fix it. After that all my websites stopped working good, all my plugins stopped, new script installs are still not working good, I sent them lot of tickets and they never reply to me with a solution or they just don’t reply. Their live chat are always offline or you get a time out after 20 minutes of waiting… Arvixe is not just the WORST hosting company EVER, it’s a HUGE SCAM. DON’T MOVE YOUR SITES AT ARVIXE NEVER. Trust me…NEVER! Run away from them. I wish I wouldn’t never left from my previous host. As a result of all these I lost ALL my organic traffic, ALL my traffic from social media, all my websites are not fully working for over 36 days now, alexa rank dropped me to the hell, and all the offers removed…..

    • Hi John,

      sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. However, I want to clearly say that this is not the way it goes usually with Arvixe. Have you signed up under me as an affiliate? Give me your Arvixe username and I will tell them to escalate your tickets to Quality Assurance.

      • I left a commend in their facebook page and two more victims reply!
        The point is that I lost money…! And they don’t even reply! After a small search I’ve made I found many other people with the same problem as me in many forums, complain about Arvixe service and call it a fraud. All their support in live chat, are somewhere in India and when you have a problem you have to talk with indian guys who many times don’t even understand the problem. They ask you for your’s site login details for “check the problem” and after that they don’t provide any solution. But nobody can just give login details to a guy somewhere in India!!! This is crazy!!! I sent them a big ticket yesterday with all my history of problems, if they don’t reply until tomorrow I will just move back at hostgator. At least I never had those problems there. But the thing that really hurts me is thas I had build a very quality traffic all from USA and Canada and now I lost it all…. you now how hard is to do that.

        • I understand why you didn’t want to give your login details to support. However, that’s necessary since they do not have your login details because of security and data privacy concerns. Moving to Hostgator won’t help because Arvixe and them are basically the same company after having been acquired. I’m trying to help you but you have to give me your Arvixe username to be able to do that.

          • the problem is global in Arvixe… right now all my websites are not load without a reasson! For one more time my websites are down because of Arvixe… And they don’t reply to tickets of course ! 🙂 and I run a campain at plugrush right now so I have to pause it again….for 6th time this week… Maybe Arvixe was good before, now it’s just a crap…

          • I asked you twice to send me your Arvixe username so I can help you – you keep igonoring it. Are you really interested in getting a solution or you just want to bash Arvixe? There is no space for the latter on my blog.

  2. Hi Marvin,
    I am checking your blog regularly and for a while now. Few days ago I decided to go for it and start my first autoblog following your tutorials. Let me first congratulate you, great blog you have created here, and thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    Unfortunately, my issues started very soon, just when after completing registration and payment with arvixe for my new domain and hosting service, I was not able to access my c-panel. Of course I have contacted their support several times via live chat, via email (as suggested by themselves) and tickets were opened. After 72 hours there is no situation update.
    I am very patient and I can understand any technical difficulties they could face or any maintenance required as it appears to be the case, but in any case 3 days with no progress at all (or this the opininion I get being redirected to another department, or suggested to follow another way to communicate, or receiving the same explanation time after time), I think is a bit too long already.
    To be honest believe I should cancel, but I am really afraid to make this even worst doing so, as I can only guess what will require to get a full refund completed. Is there possibly anything you could support with?
    Sorry to write a bad review, I really would like the reality was other and I want to think that probably I had just bad luck….
    Thank you.

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