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CrakRevenue – Adult CPA Network

CrakRevenue is an adult CPA network owned by adult niche experts. You can earn money by promoting the adult offers they have on their website. You will get paid each time a visitor you referred performs an action (like signing up, downloading an app, ordering a product etc.) on a website of one of CrakRevenue’s partners.

CrakRevenue's Website

What types of offers are available?

At the time of writing, offers from the following categories are available:

Adult Paysites, Cams, Dating, Games, Health Products and others.

How much can I earn with CrakRevenue?

The earnings depend on the type of offer you choose: PPL, PPS or Revshare.

PPL (Pay Per Lead) offers are usually highly converting and earn you around $2-$3 per lead. You get paid whenever a user you referred signs up on a website. The user does not necessarily has to buy anything. However, CrakRevenue will internally monitor the conversion rate and if they find that your traffic is not converting at all, this opportunity might be closed down for you. They trust that you provide quality traffic and, therefore, pay before an actual conversion has taken place.

PPS (Pay Per Sale) offers are usually lower converting. The reason is that the visitor actually has to pay money for something, usually a membership on a website. The high earning possibilities, usually between $35 and $75 per sign up, can make up for the lower conversion rate.

Revshare (Revenue sharing) offers bring in recurring income. For example, each time a registered user renews their subscription on a membership website you receive another commission. The revshare percentage is usually around 15%-30%. These offers are quite low converting, but can provide you a nice long-term income with just a few sign ups.

Is CrakRevenue a scam?

No, CrakRevenue is not a scam. CrakRevenue is a professional and established business that won several adult industry awards. They pay the amount you earned without screwing around.

The better question to ask is if they indirectly scam by not paying you even though a visitor has converted. This process is called “shaving” and is, sadly, common for some of the smaller CPA companies.

Of course I cannot know a 100% if they are doing this or not. I don’t believe they are doing it though, because I track all of my traffic/conversions and there are no suspicious numbers. Also, CrakRevenue is a successful, reputable business and risking this for a bit of extra profit would be beyond stupid.

Are there any special features?

CrakRevenue has awesome mobile offers in their portfolio. These offers have special landing pages optimized for mobile traffic, so you can easily monetize the mobile visitors of your adult website.

Another special feature is the GEOMATIK tool. This tool analyzes your traffic and automatically shows the best CrakRevenue offers depending on the geographical location of the visitor.

What are CrakRevenue’s payment methods?

Payouts are possible via Paxum, bank wire or check. Update February 2015: Payoneer added as another option. You will be paid 30 days after the end of a period, when you have reached the minimum payout of $100.

A period = 1st-15th of a month or 16th till last day of a month. For example: you reach the minimum payout on the 5th of April, which means that you are in the first period of the month. The first period ends on the 15th, in this case on the 15th of April. They will send the payment 30 days after this date.

How will CrakRevenue answer your questions?

Support is offered via email, Skype, live chat and through a contact form on the website.

My special advice to you

CrakRevenue requires a short application before you can register and make money with their offers. I have written a detailed post on how to get approved by CrakRevenue.

If you are sending good converting traffic, you can even negotiate better, special terms to your advantage.

If you don’t have much experience with promoting CPA offers, I recommend to start with Pay Per Lead offers. They provide a nice balance of conversion rate and profit, so new CPA marketers won’t become demotivated. After you have signed up and you wonder what the best offer for your traffic would be, just ask your affiliate manager for advice.

Write about your experience with CrakRevenue below!

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