Guide: A/B Split Testing In WordPress For Free

In this guide, I’m showing you how to set up free A/B split testing campaigns for your landing page or website. All you need is WordPress and a Google Analytics account.

What is A/B split testing?

A/B split testing is a convenient way to optimize a landing page or website. The webmaster creates either two different versions of the same page (version A and version B), or creates another version of the current one, so A is the original version and B the new one.

The visitors are then randomly shown one of these versions. The webmaster tracks how each version performs, e.g. in terms of sign-ups or purchases. The final page will then be of course the best performing one.

Graphical explanation of A/B split testing

A/B split testing does not end here though, as every aspect of a page can be split tested, e.g. headlines, images, call to actions, buttons etc. The goal is to have a landing page that converts as well as possible. It’s also possible to split test more than just version A and B, meaning you could also test version C and D etc.

How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress

Landing pages are an awesome way to sell or promote something to your audience. There are many paid services for creating landing pages in WordPress. However, I’m showing you how can do the same for free, either with or without using PlugIns.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a website or part of a website which is optimized to promote a certain product or service to the target audience without any distractions.

Right now you are reading a blog. I have different articles and categories for you to choose from. A landing page would just be one page around a rather narrow topic on which I would want my visitors to do something, e.g. to purchase a product or to sign up for my email list.

Landing pages need to be easy to understand and to have a clear focus, as visitors coming from PPC campaigns or search engines might only spend a short amount of time before leaving. Landing pages usually include a call to action; that is, a short instruction on what the visitors should do, e.g. “Sign up now”, “Add to cart.” etc.

The general goal of landing pages is to convert visitors into customers. Most internet marketers don’t create a landing page and leave like it that forever, instead, they’ll engage in a process of continuous optimization to create a landing page with the highest possible conversion rates. A way to do that is by conducting split testing, which I will be explain you in detail in another post.

Drive Traffic To Your Adult Website On Autopilot

This guide will show you how to drive traffic to your adult website on autopilot, meaning once set up the amount of traffic coming to your site will increase automatically. This is possible through building Tumblr blogs.

I will show you how to create a new Tumblr blog related to your niche that publishes images from other Tumblr blogs with a link to your website underneath the pictures. The blog, the numbers of followers and the traffic to your website will grow without you doing anything.

Guide: How To Make A Porn Site

This method will show you how to make a porn site. Its videos will attract a lot of horny people. You will receive earnings from advertisements, premium memberships and affiliate payments from companies your porn site links to.

The videos on the porn site will be legal, you won’t run into copyright issues and they don’t cost you a single cent! The only costs involved here are for getting a domain name.

How To Use Proxies And Delete All Cookies

Some of my posts on this blog contain the advice to use private proxies, for example, the adult autoblog method, my Tumblr guide for adult webmasters, or my guide on how to drive traffic to your adult website. But what are proxies and why do you need them?

First of all, this article shall explain the meaning of the term “proxy” and the differences between public proxies, private proxies and semi dedicated proxies. Next, I will explain you what “cookies” are. After that, I will show you how to actually use proxies and also how to delete all kind of cookies. This is useful for registering accounts at websites that restrict several registrations from the same person, like it’s the case with social networks.